George Pataki Briefly Publishes Vice-Presidential Campaign Website


So George Pataki really is considering running for top office, it turns out. There’s already a prototype website in the works, which was discovered by the Observer’s Azi Paybarah. You can see a screen grab of it here, though now it’s back under e-lock and key. Capital Tonight called Pataki’s press person, who said that it was legit, but may never see the light of day. “Can’t run a campaign without a website,” said spokesman David Catalfamo. “The hosting company apparently made a mistake and has prematurely made it searchable. The site is still in development and will only be launched if the Governor decides to get in the race.” I don’t know, guys. Look at that campaign symbol. It doesn’t even look like a toothpaste logo! This is very clearly the website of someone running for Vice-President. In which case, well, carry on.

Peeking at George Pataki’s Presidential Campaign Site [PolitickerNY]