Hackers Get a Scoring System From Aspiring Security Expert


A new website called RankMyHack.com does just that, requiring its users to verify that they’ve breached a site and then awarding them points for the difficulty of their infiltration. “The bigger the site, the bigger the points,” the site says, and current top hacks include the Huffington Post and Google. “Players can even challenge one another to duels,” the New York Times reports today, meaning the website closely mirrors the action in an old Angelina Jolie film. RankMyHack’s founder, who goes by the name Solar, spoke to the newspaper and said he aspires “to a career in computer security,” noting that he has “never engaged in criminal acts like fraud.” He also bragged about the strength of his own site, which he says has not yet been hacked despite daily attempts, and insisted RankMyHack does not promote illegal activity “because hackers did not need to do damage to prove they had infiltrated a site.” In other words, his “distinctively retro” website is one big résumé.

Web Site Ranks Hacks and Bestows Bragging Rights [NYT]