Husband Starting to Look Suspicious in New Jersey Shooting [Update]


In a sad story likely already in Law & Order development, the husband and wife shot in New Jersey had a darker life than it initially appeared. Nazish Noorani was shot five times and killed on Tuesday night, while her husband, Kashif Parvaiz, was hit in the back, hand, knee and shoulder, but survived. Now the New York Post is reporting that Noorani “lived in fear” of her husband, who was unfaithful and abused her. “One day you’ll find me dead and it’s going to be Kashi who did it, so save this text. You’ll need it,” Noorani reportedly said to her brother via text message not long ago. Pervaiz, a Brooklyn native, lied to his wife’s family about his college degrees and once introduced a neighbor to another woman he called his “new girlfriend.” He remains hospitalized. The couple’s three year old son, who sat in a stroller during the shooting, was unharmed.

Update: Parvaiz has reportedly admitted his role in the killing of his wife and has been charged with first-degree murder, as has a woman, Antoinette Stephen, who allegedly shares an apartment in Boston with Parvaiz.

Hubby going to kill me: wife [NYP]