Indian Point Needs a Spokesman to Offset Negative Press


Entergy, which operates the power plant, reportedly asked Rudy Giuliani to play a major part in an upcoming pro-nuclear-power advertising push. Such a role would pit the former Republican mayor against Andrew Cuomo, one of Indian Point’s sharpest critics. Entergy also hired Giuliani’s consulting company in the wake of 9/11 to allay fears of Indian Point’s vulnerability to terrorist attacks, and again in 2006. Polls show that 73 percent of New York voters are worried about safety at all three of the state’s power plants, and Giuliani, of course, has built his reputation on being the guy who cares deeply about New Yorkers’ safety. He’s also known for being willing to show a little skin and dazzle as the occasion requires, but Entergy will probably see how a more issues-based ad campaign goes first.

Indian Point May Enlist Giuliani as Defender [NYT]