Internet Jihadist Threatens David Letterman


In a long post to the Shumukh al-Islam forum, a website sometimes visited by al Qaeda members, a person calling himself Umar al-Basrawi called for the assassination of the Late Show host. The rant, apparently sparked by a joke Letterman made about the death of terrorist leader Ilyas Kashmiri, encouraged American jihadists to "cut the tongue of the lowly Jew":

"I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, one of the lowlifes of the Jews, and one of their pigs, mocking one of the leaders of the mujahedeen ... We ask Allah to paralyze his tongue and grant the sincere monotheists his neck."

Dave isn't actually Jewish, but message boards tend to be more about sentiment than facts. And, of course, making fun of the way people look: The author helpfully included a "dated" photo of his target, whose features he described as "defined." Obviously, we are pro-Letterman/anti-terrorist, but that's kind of a good one.

David Letterman target of wannabe jihadist over jokes about Osama bin Laden's lieutenant [NYDN]