It Is, at This Very Moment, Beautiful Outside in New York City


We at Daily Intel normally only write about weather when it is terrible outside. And August is supposed to be terrible here. That’s why the city is empty, especially on weekends, all month long. That’s why traffic right now is so insane near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel that I almost just died while trying to cross the street. But if you happen to be stuck inside an office right now with no plans for a weekend getaway, it is worth risking life and limb to run a brief errand outdoors. Perhaps we’re just pleasantly surprised because our expectations for August are so low, but the temperature is perfect, the sun is bright but gentle, and the humidity is minimal despite the thunderstorms coming tonight. The breeze is cool and the city even seems less summer-smelly than usual. So go outside before it rains! This weather, like summer, is fleeting.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming of Rick Perry updates and sarcasm.