Jamie Dimon: ‘Confidence Is Like a Secret Sauce ... It Is Hard to Measure and Really Adjust’


Jamie Dimon had the following pep speech for America today, while speaking with CNBC:

"Confidence is like a secret sauce ... It is hard to measure and really adjust. Here’s what I would say to the American people in total, when you go to sleep at night, think about the following before you get depressed and you see the market down 500 points: This nation is still the greatest nation on the planet. It was the first democracy on the planet. We have the best military on the planet and God bless our veterans all around the world. Those who have served and those who are serving today. We have the best universities on the planet ... best military, best rule of law, most innovation, the hardest working ethic of all. Those thing are gonna be here for decades. They aren’t going away. The strength in the system will blow your socks off when it gets out of this malaise we’re in."

That's all really wonderful and meaningful, Jamie. Except the part about America being the world's first democracy. Traditionally, that honor goes to Greece, a country that nowadays is, well, you know ...

US Banks Face 'Headwinds' But Aren't 'Zombies': Dimon [CNBC via Dealbreaker]