Julian Schnabel and Rula Jebreal Have Broken Schnup


For three years now, Manhattan’s art society has been fascinated by the relationship between Palestinian filmmaker Rula Jebreal and artist Julian Schnabel. In 2007, the pair met in Rome and decided to turn Jebreal’s book Miral into a film. Schnabel’s then-wife (and the mother of his twin sons Cy and Olmo) said at the time: “He’ll make a wonderful movie, but it will cost us our marriage.” She was right. Rula and Julian began to date, even as Olatz continued living in Palazzo Chupi, Schnabel’s West Village residential art experiment. But now, Rula and the artist-filmmaker have called it quits. “He ended it before the Venice Biennale in June,” a source told “Page Six.” “Things became very difficult working on the movie together and promoting it together. While it garnered critical acclaim, the movie was not a hit, which caused further issues.” And that was on top of all of the hair-pulling! Don’t you hate it when the Venice Biennale ruins all your relationships?

Schnabel & gal pal break up [Page Six/NYP]