Universally Despised Alaskan Will Not Run for Public Office


No, we’re not talking about Sarah Palin (she’s still thinking it over, supposedly). Believe it or not, there is another Alaskan who is even more despised than Palin and who has also been contemplating a political candidacy. We speak of 21-year-old Levi Johnston, who, after flirting with the idea of running for mayor of Wasilla for the past year, has now decided against it.

The polling outfit Public Policy Polling announced in September of 2010 that Johnston, with an approval rating of just 6 percent, was “the most unpopular person PPP has polled in any state,” ever. While Johnston’s attorney tells the AP that his client is “too busy to run,” his bodyguard-manager Tank Jones admits to Radar, “Levi doesn’t want the office of the Mayor to be a joke and so he’s not going to do it right now.” If that’s really Levi’s concern, then he possesses more self-awareness than we expected. Of course, “not going to do it right now” implies that Levi also thinks that there could eventually come a time that he could run for mayor without it being a joke, which seems dubious.

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