Libyan Rebels Say They’ve Captured Qaddafi’s Son


As early as yesterday afternoon and all day today, rebels have been streaming into Libya’s capital, some meeting little or no resistance from Qaddafi forces, with only scattered fighting in certain neighborhoods. While reports over the Qaddafis’ whereabouts have been uncertain — Libyan TV yesterday claimed they’d fled, though few people believed it — the rebel leadership now claims that it’s captured Saif al-Islam, Qaddafi’s eldest son and his mouthpiece since the country’s civil war began. Now that members of his inner circle are being picked off, Qaddafi’s days truly must be numbered. Though going by the hundreds of messages being posted to Twitter with the #MermaidDawn tag, referencing the code name given to the battle for Tripoli, what some have been calling “zero hour” may already be upon us.

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