Loose Peacock Terrorizes Upper East Side


A male peacock (those are the pretty ones) has burst free from the Central Park Zoo and is wreaking havoc on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, AnimalNewYork reports. The bird was spotted perched ominously on a window ledge at the fancy building 838 Fifth Avenue, at 65th Street, around noon today. (Want to see what he’s peeking in at? Take an apartment walk-through with us!) “The peacock poses no danger to anyone,” a zoo spokesman said in a statement, trying to calm understandably terrorized Upper East Siders who have gathered by the tens to look at the bird. “To ensure a good outcome in this situation, we ask everyone not to follow or harass the bird if they see him.” They’re hoping the bird will fly back to the zoo on its own, or that they can catch him when he flies to a lower perch.

It’s impossible to know the intentions of this bird, with its tiny head and shiny, inscrutable features. Maybe he just wanted to stretch his wings. Maybe he has some nefarious intent. Maybe he’s just on a misunderstood mission to right some great bird wrong. Until we know, we’re just going to call him what he is: The Flewgitive.

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