Mitt Romney Goes Shopping for Lawyers


And finds some Bush hand-me-downs that were to his liking: The GOP frontrunner, who’s been laying low of late, just released the list of his 63 official legal advisors. Several worked in the Bush White House, most notably Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Steven Bradbury, who signed three memos saying that waterboarding was OK and testified in favor of it before a House Judiciary Committee subcommittee. Ties to Bush’s waterboarding policy would not exactly be something that would serve Romney well in a general election.

But Republicans want to align themselves with Reagan as much as or more than they want to distance themselves from Bush. And Romney does have a famous Reagan guy on the list, too: Robert Bork. What could ever be controversial about Robert Bork, right?

Mitt Romney picks George W. Bush lawyers as judicial advisers [Politico]