Mitt Romney’s Supporters Celebrate His Ability to Closely Approximate Human Behavior


Mitt Romney is going on a charm offensive, reports the Washington Post. This involves telling personal stories and wooden jokes. A handful of elderly women in New Hampshire are charmed.

First, he won one such onlooker over with this fresh new bit he’s been trying: “We’ve gone to the moon. We were the first to fly across the ocean. We’ve invented the Internet — Al Gore, thank you.”

Apparently it killed. On a roll, he kept the rapier wit coming:

They said you were so quiet and you couldn’t laugh at a joke,” [one elderly woman] told Romney. “Well, they’ve been 100 percent wrong.”

The crowd laughed, and Romney gestured to her and said, “Would you all say hi to my Aunt Mildred?”

But the best line of all came from one Lucy Opal, 83. “I liked his smile,” she said. “He came through human-like.” Exactly, Lucy. Exactly.

Mitt Romney tones down assaults on Obama, tries warmer personal approach in N.H. [WP]