New Lawyers Put Those Degrees to Use by Suing Their Law School


Three former New York Law school students are filing suit against their alma mater, saying the school made false claims about the percentage of students (95, allegedly), who get legal jobs within nine months of graduation. More specifically, the suit states NYLS perpetrates a “systemic, ongoing fraud that is ubiquitous in the legal education industry and threatens to leave a generation of law students in dire financial straits.” While the three alumni filing suit actually did land jobs, they say they’re doing it on behalf of their unemployed classmates, who think attaching their name to such a suit might make it even more difficult to find employment. So they, at least, seem to have gotten their money’s worth out of law school: They’ve learned to sniff out a potential lawsuit from a mile away.

New York Law Students Suing School For Not Handing Them Jobs [Village Voice]