NYC Yoga Studios Not Above Beef


Bikram Yoga Manhattan is closing its Penn Station studio because of “an increasingly competitive field,” according to an email newsletter sent today, which goes on to blame a rival, charging them with bastardizing the tradition. Overcrowded downtown favorite Yoga to the People and its founder Greg Gumucio have classes “under the guise of ‘hot’ or ‘traditional’ yoga,” but “without the blessing of” the guru Yogi Raj Bikram Choudhury, claims Bikram Yoga Manhattan founder Raffael Pacitti. “Our practice and method cannot be appropriated,” his farewell missive states. “There is no such thing as ‘traditional hot yoga,’” and anything claiming to be so is “a gesture of great disrespect, lack of awareness and goes against the very foundations upon which the ancient practice of yoga is based.” Sounds like someone needs to find their happy place. [Racked]