Observer: Obama Has Lost the Hipster Vote!


Back in 2008, at the height of the Obama campaign, an amazing thing happened: New York’s hipsters became motivated. Down went the PBR tall boys and the bowling balls and the American Spirits, and up went the Shepard Fairey political posters. Hipsters were on the move! From today’s Observer:

Early in 2008, [an artist named Gadi] met up with 30 or so other creative types at a bar in Alphabet City and had the idea of do-it-yourself stencil T-shirts for the campaign … He was doing some Obama-inspired stenciling in the East Village one evening for another revuelike fund-raiser when a young filmmaker named Annie Woods came up to him and said, “Those are super rad. Can I buy some off of you?” Ms. Woods and her sister had covered their Volvo station wagon from bumper to bumper with Obama bumper stickers, and the two ended up driving something they called “The Bama Bus,” a Vanagon likewise covered in Obama stickers, across the country, setting up stenciling stations along the way.

Interstate stenciling.

Interstate stenciling.

According to the Observer when it comes to Obama, hipsters are — and you will never believe this — sort of over it.

Gadi would like to get involved again but said it will be hard-going to get other artistically inclined members of his generation to sign on. “It’s going to be impossible to recreate that moment,” he said. “People’s memories are very short.” He recited for The Observer a song he had written for 2012 effort. “The system is broke and they all promised to fix it/I’m tired of that joke, wish I still believed it/If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for/Then why are we waiting for something more?”

Because waiting around for something new and better is so cool, that’s why.

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