Our Long Debt-Ceiling Nightmare Is Over


There was a time, not too long ago, when most of America didn’t even know what the debt ceiling was, and didn’t care. It was an innocent and carefree age that will never, ever return. But at least the months of grueling, nerve-wracking, seemingly interminable political jousting over the debt ceiling have finally come to an end. This afternoon, the Senate passed the debt-ceiling bill by an easy, bipartisan 74 to 26 vote, and President Obama will sign it into law later today.

Now we all have a few months to unwind before Thanksgiving, when a twelve-person “super-committee” composed of members of both parties and both chambers of Congress will unveil another $1.5 trillion in proposed debt-reduction measures. That, of course, won’t be a picnic either. Underscoring his hope that the committee’s plan will include tax revenues, Obama, speaking in the Rose Garden after the Senate vote, reiterated his familiar refrain about meaningful deficit reduction requiring “a balanced approach” that forces the wealthy to “pay their fair share.” So yes, we will be arguing about taxes once again in a few months. Cherish this brief respite.

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