Pigeons Are Supposedly Popular Again in Brooklyn


Keeping pigeons is called “a venerable New York subculture” in today’s The Wall Street Journal, and not just that, but it’s on the rise — a trend, even — according to the paper. Whereas locals have been breeding the birds, thought of by many as the rats of the sky, since the early 1900s, there’s currently a “minor resurgence” occurring in Brooklyn: One club “now counts 70 people among its membership, up from 25 a decade ago.” Again, that’s people, not pigeons. And it’s not only lonely old men and Mike Tyson! One enthusiast is just 16 years old, meaning there will be at least one person in the park letting the birds walk all over his body for decades to come. Now that’s a New York tradition.

Rooftop Flight of Fancy [WSJ]