Politico: ‘Perry Panic’ Is Spreading


The reporters at Politico may not know whether or not Rick Perry is dumb, but they are confident that he really scares liberals. Apparently, the prospect of the evolution-denying, bad-grade-getting, possibly Jew- and Muslim-converting Texas governor becoming president might just be enough to get the left truly invested in the Republican primary race, lest they end up with George W. Bush But Worse.

Borrowing some of Perry’s down-home rhetoric, Al Sharpton put things bluntly, saying, “[Perry] is looking to go to the O.K. Corral and start shooting … Rather than the left get caught sleeping, we better load up, because he is bringing it.” Jennifer Palmieri of the Center for American Project Action Fund was blunter: “To the degree to which progressives are disaffected and unenthusiastic — this is their ‘holy sh**’ moment.”

Rick Perry panic fires up the left [Politico]