Post: Robert De Niro’s Daughter Drena, Attacks Ex-Boyfriend, Flora


According to Austin Young, the 32-year-old ex-boyfriend of Drena De Niro, his famous former fling attacked him in the West Village last night while he was walking his dog. “I can take a punch, but she whaled on me, like, 10 times,” he told the Post. “She’s a Thai boxer, and a very good one.” According to Young, he dated the eleven-years-older De Niro for a year and was briefly engaged to her, although her legendary father Robert De Niro always disapproved. Austin and Drena ran into each other while Young was walking his dog on Downing Street, and De Niro allegedly flew into a rage. “I want my sweater back, I want my engagement ring back!” he says she yelled. “I want to be compensated because you never loved me.” At one point he says she even smashed a potted plant outside his building. (Drena and her father didn’t comment.) Young filed a domestic incident report with police, but no arrests were made because there were no injuries. But he still feels like he was “bullied by celebrity power.” Not so cowed, it should be noted, that he didn’t manage to talk to the Post in time to make their evening deadline yesterday, and even pose for pictures with the smashed plant for dramatic effect.

Little focker! De Niro’s daughter ‘slugs’ ex [NYP]