President Obama Will Ride Around on a Bus Just Like the Poors

Obama is ecstatic that he can leave the bus now. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Now that the debt-ceiling nightmare is over, President Obama can pivot, for the 30th or 40th time in his presidency, to job creation. Or, at least, appearing to be doing something about job creation. Obama needs to show America's struggling working-class citizens that he has not forgotten about them, that he feels their pain. That is why, when he embarks on a three-day tour of the Midwest two weeks from now, he will travel by bus. As the Hill notes:

The bus is a rare mode of travel for a sitting president. Commanders in chief usually travel in the comfort of Air Force One or Marine One. On the ground, the president has a limousine and motorcade.

Of course, Obama's bus will probably be a pimped-out Secret Service–designed behemoth. So for a more authentic bus-riding experience, two crazy people will be on board to yell at each other about nothing for seven to ten minutes at a time.

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