Public Plane Peeing Trend Gets Celebrity Cameo Earlier Than Expected


Usually a confusing behavioral trend — something "the kids are doing," you know — has to bubble around in the country's consciousness for a while before celebrities get in on it. Like planking, for example. Or horsemaning. Or getting foreclosed upon after the housing crisis. But it has been less than a week since 18-year-old Sandy Vietze launched the sure-to-be-a-rage trend of peeing near other passengers on an airplane, and already a celebrity is fully onboard. Gérard Depardieu went to extreme lengths to relieve himself on an Air France flight after attendants told him he had to wait to use the facilities. From the Post:

"The attendant said 'I'm sorry, you'll have to wait fifteen minutes, [when] we'll be in flight. The toilets are locked'," [a witness] added. Depardieu said he could not wait, unzipped his trousers and proceeded to urinate on the carpet. "You could tell he'd been drinking," the disgusted passenger claimed. The jet was forced to return to the gate and was delayed for a further two hours as ground crew cleaned up the mess.

When a puppy goes wee wee on your carpet, you take ten minutes to clean it up. But when Gérard Depardieu does it, you damn well take your time and luxuriate in it.

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