Puppies Being ‘Interviewed’ for Access to Doggy Day Care


Yes, The Wall Street Journal does use the phrase “dog-eat-dog world” in today’s dubious trend story about the screening process for canine summer camp, but not until the ninth paragraph. First we learn, “Anyone who thinks elite preschools are rigorous enough may want to take a look at doggie day cares.” The interview process at one such establishment, Camp Bow Wow in Long Island City, is described in harrowing detail as the suspense builds. Not until midway through the big investigation does it come out that only “5% to 10%” of dogs are rejected, thereby undermining the article’s entire thesis. Plus, there are second chances:

Many day cares allow dogs that appear to be too timid or nervous during the evaluation period to come back once or twice to see if they fare any better. Some centers recommend that the dogs try smaller day cares or dog parks, where they can interact in smaller groups in order to get used to hanging around in a pack.

Prep classes can’t be too far off.

Sit, Stay, Ace the Interview [WSJ]

Prep classes can’t be too far off.

Sit, Stay, Ace the Interview [WSJ]