Qaddafi Could Be Cornered, Hopes to Collaborate With Rebels


Libyan rebels think they have located Muammar Qaddafi in the small town of Bani Walid and are urging him to give up now in order to avoid more violence. “We are waiting to give him a chance to surrender,” said Abdul Hafith Ghoga, the deputy chairman of the opposition’s Transitional National Council. “They have no choice, Qaddafi has no choice, he has to surrender by Saturday,” he added, echoing his group’s earlier demands. Perhaps sensing the end is indeed near, one of Qaddafi’s sons, Saadi, said today that the rebels can go ahead and take power, but that his father would like a role in the government. When asked about Saadi’s request for a coalition government including both the rebels and the country’s dictator of 42 years, Ghoga literally “laughed out loud.” So that’s a maybe then.

Libya Rebels Say Qaddafi Cornered in Small Town [NYT]