Rash of Dognappings Hits Brooklyn


You know when you see a dog tied up outside of a store, and it’s looking inside frantically because even though it goes through this multiple times a week, it’s still never sure its owner will come back out again? Probably you take a moment to think, “Aw.” Or you say “HELLO!” like Intel Chris does every single time he sees a dog in any situation. Or you even pet it (not advised). Unfortunately, not all people are like you — some people see a dog in that situation and they steal it. That’s what happened to Joan Hong, whose Yorkie was stolen from outside a bodega as her boyfriend ducked in for a moment. Dognappings have risen by nearly a third nationally from the same period last year, as thieves have taken to selling the pooches for quick profit. Three such thefts have been reported recently in Brooklyn. “Please bring him home,” Hong pleaded to CBS Local, hoping that her dog’s captors would hear. (She’s offering a $1,000 reward.) “My boyfriend and I argue about this. He’s angry and wants to kill this person. I just want this person to know that he’s our child.”

Dognappings Rampant In Brooklyn; Reward Offered For Stolen Yorkie ‘Matsu’ [CBS Local]