Rick Perry and Glenn Beck Have Similar Taste in Books


At least according to this Rick Perry reading list, pieced together a Mother Jones reporter. For instance, Perry read The Five Thousand Year Leap: 28 Great Ideas That Changed the World, for which Beck wrote the foreword. Perry’s own summary of the work: “He asserts that natural law, God’s law, is the basis of our nation’s laws.”

Don’t tell the National Review, but the Texas governor also reads fiction. He’s supposedly a fan of Vince Flynn, who writes paperback thrillers about the war on terror. According to a New Republic profile of Flynn, his novels’ hero “exhibits such a talent for maiming, torturing, and killing Muslim bad guys that he makes Jack Bauer look like a simpering ACLU attorney. Beck, by the way, is also an enthusiastic Flynn reader.

Perry’s other favorites include various Texas histories, military tomes, and the Bible. This guy is way too into chick lit to become president.

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