Rick Perry’s Porn Issue Probably Isn’t Going to Stick


A 2006 report from a Texas website is making the blog rounds this week in response to Rick Perry’s gathering steam, but it’s more of a giggle-worthy footnote than a legitimate threat to his conservative cred. It turns out that back in 1995, Perry had between $5,000 and $10,000 of stock in the company Movie Gallery, a since-failed competitor to the failing video-rental store Blockbuster. But Movie Gallery’s strength at the time was that they had an adult section, complete with all sorts of hilarious XXX titles, much to the dismay of the American Family Association, which called for a nationwide boycott of the company’s stores. The AFA, of course, also co-sponsored Perry’s prayer party just two weeks ago.

Back when the rental chain still existed, AFA members protested with signs that said “Serve God or Serve Money,” which, okay, maybe Perry has done both, but his people are already shrugging off the recycled “gotcha” moment, arguing that he sold the stock over fifteen years ago. Of course, it’s also possible that Rick Perry’s investments were handled by someone else and he had no idea about Movie Gallery at all. Or he just really hated Blockbuster! Whatever the case, expect this faux-outrage rehash to fade, and fast. Evolution, on the other hand, may not look as good in a headline, but should probably be more important.

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