Rick Perry Doesn’t Get Why Gay People Have to Have Gay Sex All the Time


In On My Honor, his 2008 book about the Boy Scouts, Rick Perry admitted that he "can sympathize with those that believe sexual preference is genetic." In other words, unlike some other Republican presidential nominees, he thinks that gays may very well be born gay. Yet, strangely, Perry doesn't approve of them actually behaving like the gay people they are:

Even if an alcoholic is powerless over alcohol once it enters the body, he still makes a choice to drink. And, even if someone is attracted to a person of the same sex, he or she still makes a choice to engage in sexual activity with someone of the same gender.

So, the "choice" here is between having sex with people you're naturally attracted to or living a miserable, sexless existence so as not to offend Rick Perry. Tough call.

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