Romney Waiting for a Perry Punch Before He Really Starts Trying


One-time Republican front-runner Mitt Romney isn’t really worried about Rick Perry’s popularity surge — slow and steady was the plan all along, his people say. Nonetheless, Romney is ramping up his appearance schedule in primary states as early as this weekend and preparing for a real media push starting next month to coincide with the upcoming debates. “You’ll see him take it up a notch,” said one Romney adviser. But Romney supporter and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott wants more: “I do think [Romney] needs to step it up several notches.” Maybe the additional notches will come when the candidates start sparring with each another directly. “Perry will throw the first punch,” said a Romney aide. Nothing like a sharp blow to the head to get a Republican going. You won’t like Mitt when he’s angry.

Romney camp not panicking — yet [Politico]