Sarah Palin Just Happened to Decide to Head Over to Iowa This Weekend


The long-awaited second leg of Sarah Palin’s bus tour will finally take place this weekend, when the Fox News commentator rolls into Iowa for the state fair. Wait, a second — Iowa … Iowa. Isn’t something going on in Iowa this weekend? Oh right, there’s the big debate tonight, the first in Iowa this campaign season, and also the highly-anticipated Ames Straw Poll on Saturday. Funny that after such a long delay, Palin is reviving her traveling road show in Iowa on the same weekend all of this is happening. Kind of reminds us of the time she just happened to show up in New Hampshire on June 3, just a few minutes from where Mitt Romney was announcing his campaign. It’s almost as if she is deliberately following the campaign around the country, hoping to leech off the attention being lavished on the people who are actually running for president.

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