Shoplifting Mom Swears She Didn’t Mean To


An Upper East Side mother stole milk, Red Bull, and a six-pack of beer from Fairway Market, but claims she just forgot it under her baby stroller. The company’s CEO doesn’t care, and cited security footage in defense of the store’s decision to ban her for life: “She would have to be pretty oblivious to not see what she did,” he said. “The security video clearly shows that she sees the products after she’s checked out.” The mom grabbed her wallet from the basket holding the drinks and then placed her plastic bags — she paid for $50 worth of groceries — back on top of the soon-to-be stolen goods. Perhaps being a mother really is that distracting, or maybe she just didn’t want to lift the heavy stuff. Either way, the penalty, which she calls “harsh”, will stand: “We cannot discriminate and say one person can’t come back and the next person can come back,” the CEO said. Gristedes it is.

Fairway ‘shoplift’ mom takes video hit [New York Post]