Somebody Peed on a Child in an Airplane


Okay, everybody knows it’s hard to keep a child quiet on a cross-country airplane ride. It’s just expecting too much of them to sit in one place, without fidgeting and without running around — and also without the ability to lie down comfortably to sleep. So the situation was probably relatively frustrating for the parents of one little 11-year-old girl flying on the Jetblue red-eye from Portland, Oregon, to JFK yesterday. And that was before an apparently drunk 18-year-old walked down the aisle, unzipped his fly, and peed on her. “I woke up to this man yelling and literally looking like he was about to punch this kid in the face,” a witness told the Post. “The father was screaming, ‘Fuck that kid! I don’t want him near my family!’” Upon landing, the urinator in question was arrested for indecent exposure. He claimed to have consumed eight alcoholic beverages on the flight.

Can we make a formal request? Can please nobody put this incident on YouTube? It was bad enough earlier this week when there was a bat on a plane. We’re perfectly capable of envisioning all the in-flight hazards that seem within the realm of possibility. We don’t need visuals of ones that shouldn’t be.

’Drunk’ man pees on 11 year old on JetBlue flight