That Earthquake Ranked High on the ‘Andy Richter Scale,’ With ‘Strong Laughter-Shocks’


Within minutes of the mild earthquake this afternoon, Twitter became zing-central. After all, as John Dickerson quickly tweeted, “Everyone calm down. If this is an earthquake on the east coast we’re supposed to react ironically.” Everyone did.

First, there were the D.C. yuks:

Our Facebook feed had a yo-mama-so-fat joke or two; there were plenty of theories on Twitter about what else could have caused the commotion.

New York had its own inside jokes:

People remembered what was truly important.

And mocked the hype.

Or mocked Chris Brown.

Brian Stelter learned the universe exists to grant his every journalistic wish. An unintentional satire!:

Then there was the social media person at the Post who tweeted, “DOES ANYONE HAVE EYEBALLS ON THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT???,” amidst breaking news updates, apparently displeasing whichever sober-minded superior made him delete it.