The Flewgitive Returns to Captivity


After nearly 24 hours of nonstop horror, the Upper East Side can breathe a sigh of relief: The peacock that escaped from the Central Park Zoo to run rampant on Fifth Avenue has returned to its coop. The Flewgitive spent the night dozing on a windowsill of tony 838 Fifth, peering in the window and down at panicked citizenry below. “Our staff monitored the bird through the night, and at 6:45am, he flew back on his own,” a zoo spokesman said. “The bird is now secured in the aviary.” Apparently, this was pretty much expected. “A thorough understanding of the peacock’s natural behavior allowed for the successful planning of its recovery,” the spokesman added. Our agonizing minutes of terror are finally over!

Peacock on the loose flies back to Central Park Zoo after escaping and spending night on 5th Ave. [NYDN]