The Times Is Losing Its 1111111111 Caller ID Number


If you’ve ever wanted to avoid a call from the New York Times — and let’s face it, many of you have — it’s been relatively easy. Because whenever someone from the Gray Lady calls, the caller ID turns up as 1111111111. It’s a sort of semi-famous little thing. But no longer! From a memo staffers got today:

Beginning August 15, The New York Times Company headquarters located at 620 8th Avenue, New York will stop using a Caller ID of 1111111111 for outgoing telephone calls and will instead use the main telephone number, (212) 556-1234. Why are we making this change? First, pending legislation will require all companies to use legitimate caller IDs for identification. Although we do not know when this law may be enacted, The Company has chosen to comply now. Second, the number of companies and organizations that block Caller ID 1111111111 is increasing, preventing callers from reaching needed parties. This change will allow greater success in call completion.

Aw, people have been blocking the Times? Now that’s just not nice.

Aw, people have been blocking the Times? Now that’s just not nice.