The Year of Bus Crashes Gets Worse


A Greyhound bus traveling from New York City to St. Louis lost control on the Pennsylvania Turnpike early this morning, flipping onto its side and sending fourteen passengers to local hospitals, including one woman who’d been trapped inside the wreckage while crews tried to rescue her.

It’s only August, and this year has already seen more bus-crash-related injuries and deaths than all of 2010 — more than 30 people have been killed and 300 injured thus far, up from 28 deaths and 272 injuries last year. Today’s crash was not nearly as bad as the March accident that resulted in fourteen deaths after an illegitimately licensed driver lost control of a bus in the Bronx; the driver who crashed today’s Greyhound bus appears to have a clean record.

Greyhound bus overturns; 14 taken to Pa. hospitals [MSNBC]