There Are a Lot of People With Binoculars and Cameras at Coney Island Right Now


With all the half-eaten French fries lying around, you’d think spotting a seagull at Coney Island would never be much of a challenge. But at the moment, dozens of bird watchers are gathered on the planks with their expensive equipment, waiting to spot exactly that: a gull. But the one in question is no ordinary boardwalk bird: There have been reported sightings — and photographs — of an extraordinarily rare gray-hooded gull, which should only be spotted in Africa or South America. Birders from as far as Chicago have swooped in to await the exciting sighting — although our Intel spy on the scene says they’ve been disappointed so far.

Isn’t that the New York dream? To travel from hundreds of miles away, beating against the wind and against all indications that you’re risking too much? You arrive triumphantly, only to realize that you’re just one of a million beings almost exactly like you. But then, one day, as you’re scrounging for food just to get by, someone spots you and realizes just how special you are — and suddenly you’re a star! Memo to Pixar: The rights of this blog post can be yours for a mere $2 million.

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