There Is Such a Thing As the Microsoft Excel World Championships


And they’ve just been won by a 15-year-old girl, Rebecca Rickwood from England. She beat out more than 200,000 students who entered the global contest, each competing to “demonstrate their skill at making spreadsheets” under time pressure.

Now, resume-building high-school extracurriculars are nothing new. But at least, say, the Model U.N. participant imagines a universe in which she might be called upon to negotiate a hostage situation or make a stirring speech on behalf of democracy. The competitive Excel-er sees a future that is delimited by spreadsheets and cubicle walls. Which means that, in addition to being obviously smart and very good at computer stuff (unlike us, which the phrase “computer stuff” should make abundantly clear), Rickwood already has the hard-won practicality of someone decades her senior. She’s coming for your job, everyone.

UK student wins Microsoft Excel World Championship [BBC via Dealbreaker]