Tom Coburn Implies That He’d Like to Shoot His Colleagues


Congress has never been more unpopular than it is right now, which is saying a lot, since Congress has been so terrible and inept for so long. But as frustrating as it is to witness the dysfunction of Congress from afar, Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn experiences it firsthand, and it seems to be driving him mad. According to the Tulsa World:

Coburn doesn’t elaborate on what he would do if he was allowed to bring a gun onto the Senate floor, but we have to assume that he would shoot people with it. That’s pretty much the only thing you can do with a gun, aside from using it as a paperweight, which would be a good thing, since it would keep his papers from falling off his desk.

Surely Coburn’s remark was just a “joke”, or another example of standard rural America macho-man hyperbole. We feel confident that Tom Coburn would not shoot his colleagues, even if given the opportunity. Either way, he definitely needs a vacation. We hear Martha’s Vineyard is lovely this time of year.

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