Turd-Hurling: The Mature Way to Deal With a Property Dispute


Charles Saulson, a 59-year-old sculptor and the owner of the condo at 259 Bowery, is not a big fan of his next-door neighbor, the Sperone Westwater Gallery. The gallery is housed in an eight-story, black aluminum building, built in 2009, and has a strip of black rubber that directly abuts Saulson's condo. Saulson claims that the rubber has no business being there: It cuts 4.8 inches into his property. Gallery manager Brian Dooley blames Saulson for damage to the gallery earlier this summer — someone tore off the aluminum sheeting near the back of the property, right by Saulson's property. And Dooley also found a special gift on the gallery's deck that he presumed to be from his neighbor:

"The fact that the final resting place of that object was south of its point of impact made clear that it had been thrown from the north, that is, 259 Bowery," the gallery alleges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit. "At the time the fecal matter was discovered, the Gallery was open to the public."

The building's owner " wants a judge to bar Saulson from even touching the art gallery." At least until he can prove he washed his hands, anyway.

A crap shot in Nolita [NYP]