Wall Street Trader Scott Redler: Irene’s Not-So-Silent Victim


Scott Redler, a trader for Wall Street firm T3Live.com, was, like so many people, inconvenienced by last weekend's storm. Thanks to the storm damage, Redler found himself stuck in hard-hit Vermont with his family and elderly mother. He did what anyone in that situation would do: He hired a private helicopter for $7,000 and told a reporter all about it.

“I wasn’t going to wait for the state or federal government,” Redler, 38, said yesterday from his mobile phone as he waited for the chopper. “I can’t trust them, because I know I’m not a priority.”

Indeed. Why isn't there more focus on Scott Redler's problems on a federal level?

Wall Street Trader Hires Chopper to Flee VT [Bloomberg via Dealbreaker]