Bill Clinton Suggests That Hillary Hasn’t Decided About 2016


When you ask Hillary Clinton about running for president in 2016, she’ll throw back her head and laugh right in your face, as if the very notion is utterly absurd. Then she’ll tell you that she’s not considering it at all, and that she’s looking forward to finally having a private life again. Nobody really believes her, but you have to admire her message discipline. Husband Bill, however, isn’t sticking to the talking points. In an interview with the conservative website Newsmax (what?), Bill doesn’t respond to a question about 2016 by protesting, “No! That’s crazy! She’s totally not interested! She just wants to read and travel and do crossword puzzles!” Instead, he says, “You’ll have to ask her,” and then, “If she wants to come home, I’ll be happy. If she wants to serve, I’ll be happy. But she has to decide that.” Oh, wow. This is so happening.

Bill Clinton: Hillary ‘Ablest Person in My Generation’ [Newsmax]