Bloomberg, Kelly Not Too Concerned With NYPD’s Dirty Dancing


Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly brushed off concerns about the bumping and grinding between uniformed NYPD officers and jubilant women at this year’s West Indian Parade. “I would prefer that it not have happened,” said Kelly of the special citizen outreach, which was caught on camera. “But I don’t want to make too much of it.” Bloomberg said that, on carnival days, people “get carried away,” but that “a little bit of poor judgment” is nothing to fret over. It’s a good thing that, every day, people want to be photographed with the NYPD; Bloomberg explained that, when people take those pictures elsewhere in the world, it’s a “great advertisement for New York [and] it sends the message that police officers are our friends, not our enemies.” There’s no positive PR like a little light, consensual butt-touching.

Sexy brush with the law OK: Ray [NYP]