Bristol Palin Defends Her Mom, Calls Drunken Idiot a ‘Homosexual’ in Bar Fight


If you have any faith left in the American people, don’t watch the following video of Bristol Palin riding a mechanical bull at a bar as a heckler shouts, “Your mother is a whore,” and “Did you ride Levi like that?” And don’t keep watching as she rushes toward the slurring asshole and asks, “Is it because you’re a homosexual?”

Palin, who is flanked by her own film crew and the paparazzi, is clearly playing up the confrontation for the cameras, barely holding back a smile as she engages in an argument that can only go ugly places. That said, besides the relatively polite homophobia, her defense is spirited and her opponent can barely put together a sentence. It almost looks staged as Bristol taunts the guy until he screams, “Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” There couldn’t be more perfect fuel for the Palin family fire.