Carlos Slim Ponders Career Change


Few will admit it, but the theater can be a moving experience for a man. You can be as tough as nuts in your daily life, so ruthlessly successful that you're regularly referred to as an evil monopolist, but then one night you're sitting there in the darkness, anticipation and the smell of greasepaint mingling in the air, and then the curtain rises and the music swells, piercing your heart with a giant stick of What Could Have Been, and next thing you know you're entertaining the idea of throwing it all away and joining up with summer stock troupe in the Berkshires. This is apparently what happened to Carlos Slim Helú, the world's richest man, upon seeing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Wednesday night. According to the Post.

“[Slim] said the show made him want to act,” said a backstage source.

If he was that affected by Spider-Man, shareholders will want to keep Slim away from the Book of Mormon, then.

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