Corporate Landlord Losing Patience With Occupy Wall Street Protest


With the Occupy Wall Street protests going into their ninth day, some tension is building, not just among protesters and police, but between landlord and tenant. Brookfield Office Properties Inc., a corporate firm that usually works with banks like Morgan Stanley and Bank of America, owns Zuccotti Park, which has served as home base for the indefinite demonstration. Although it seems a bit counterintuitive, The Wall Street Journal reports, “Brookfield would rather have the protesters removed, but the New York Police Department has urged the firm to let them stay.” Privately owned public spaces are a “legal gray area,” but the landlord is making moves to end their unwitting participation in the protest:

Brookfield posted rules against a range of behaviors such as laying tarps, sleeping bags and personal property on the ground.

Brookfield’s fading patience is to be expected: When housing Bank of America, you never have to hear bongos.

Protest Has Unlikely Host [WSJ]