David Paterson Will Have His Own Talk Radio Show


The former governor will add WOR morning host to college professor on the list of new careers he's juggling. The show "will cover politics and could venture into sports and other topics." Paterson happens to be a noted talk radio enthusiast: During his governorship, David from Harlem sometimes seemed more enthusiastic about calling into radio shows than he did about his day job.

The governor lamented that Oliver Perez’s fastball was “off four or five miles an hour” and that he was worried the left-hander could not make it as a location pitcher. For about 20 minutes he went on, talking about the team’s relief pitching and their sometimes agonizing base-running mistakes.

He also told the Times "It’s sort of a perfect medium for me.” Which is good to hear at the outset of his new career, because Paterson reacted somewhat less enthusiastically at the beginning of his gubernatorial gig.

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