Disney’s 9/11 Video


While New York used the tenth anniversary of 9/11 as an opportunity to once again praise the bravery of police officers, firefighters, and regular folks who gave their lives for others, Disney sent its employees — and posted on the website of ABC News — a sappy video tribute to … Disney CEO Bob Iger, in commemoration of Disney’s $5 million contribution to the 9/11 memorial. A Disney spokesman says the video was produced for a dinner that honored Iger, as well as “the jury [that picked the memorial design] and Sharp Corp. And everyone had a video and that’s what this was for.” Okay, fine. But was there a reason the video had to be this schmaltzy? At one point, Diane Sawyer, who probably didn’t have a choice, says something that sounds like, “He’s a great leader, it’s a great gift. Let’s just say what it really is: Courage. Future.” What does that even mean?

Does Disney’s 9/11 Video Hint at Bob Iger’s Political Aspirations? (Comment) [Hollywood Reporter]