Rudy Giuliani Will Run for President If Things Get ‘Desperate’


Despite promises of an early-September announcement, the former mayor still has yet to say whether he plans to join the GOP primary race. (He says he’s waiting until after — what else? — 9/11 to make a final decision.) However, if his comments today at the National Press Club are anything to go by, then a campaign looks pretty unlikely. America’s mayor pointed out a number of obstacles he would face on the road to becoming America’s president, including his New Yorky positions on things like abortion and gay marriage. Noting that two of the three early-voting states are very much on the right when it comes to social issues, he said, “I’m simply not that conservative on social issues and I’m not willing to change to become president.” He also declined to endorse his “good friend” Rick Perry, who supported his failed 2008 bid, saying, “His record in Texas is exactly the record we need in the United States, but I’m not sure he’s the right candidate.” (Of course, he could change his mind if Perry asks him to be his running mate, which at least one person thinks is possible.)

And what if it turns out that no one is the right candidate for Rudy? Well, then he might be willing to step in and save the day: “If I think we are truly desperate, then I may run — which is how I got elected mayor of New York City … You know what my slogan was? ‘You can’t do any worse.’” That Rudy, always so modest! And overly so, in this situation: Given some of this year’s options, we can actually do way worse.

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