Donald Trump Just Going to Pretend That He Was Leading the Race When He Dropped Out


People who walked away at the top of their game: Jim Brown, Rocky Marciano, Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan (the first two times). Not nearly making the list: Donald Trump. When Trump bowed out of the presidential race on May 16, his brief, perplexing turn as the GOP primary race’s flavor-of-the-month had already come and gone. And yet today in a radio interview, Trump tried to re-write history in his favor. “I was leading in the polls when I left,” he told WOR host John Gambling. Unfortunately, there’s this thing, the Internet:

PPP, 5/5–5/8: Huckabee 19, Romney 18, Gingrich 13, Palin 12, “Someone else” 11, Trump 8

CNN, 4/29–5/1
: Huckabee 16, Trump 13

Quinnipiac, 4/26–5/1: Romney 18, Huckabee 15, Palin 15, Don’t Know 15,
Trump 12

Fox News, 4/25–4/27: Romney 19, Huckabee 17, Palin 9, Too soon to say 9, Trump 8

Rasmuseen, 4/26: Trump 19, Romney 17

There it is! Trump leading the race! Three weeks, four polls, and one Obama long-form birth certificate later, he dropped out.